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Who says corporate wellness must be dry and boring?

Not The Wellness Strategist. With Rachelle as your wellness consultant she will bring a new approach that stretches beyond wellness and focuses on creating opportunities for your employees to live their best lives and do their best work. She will take care of your company's most important asset, your people, by breaking down fueling the whole person, making it attainable, understandable, and accessible for everyone.  



Rachelle James - The Wellness Strategist delivers measurable results because her approach to workplace wellness is not that it is just a program.  It is a culmination of Wellbeing Strategies engaging individuals within the four domains of wellbeing.  PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, FINANCIAL.  When this is addressed within an organizations wellness initiatives it translates to trust and value for employees.  Rachelle also understands that wellness isn't a "one-size-fits-all" solution and every company's wellness initiatives are unique as well as specific to your company culture, goals, and objectives.    


Therefore Rachelle creates a more personalized and well rounded experience for your team that does not simply focus on fitness or eating well.  Good health is about so much more than numbers on a scale.  Rachelle takes a holistic approach to wellness as she helps companies implement specific initiatives and campaigns that educate, inspire, and motivate individuals to making attainable lifestyle shifts.  Self-care is powerful!  The more a person learns the how's and why's about their own overall wellbeing, they get excited and feel inspired to take care of themselves and empowered to put their new knowledge into action.

As a whole, Rachelle keeps workplace wellness simple, straightforward, engaging and fun!  Fueling the whole person to excel in every facet of their life. 



  • Increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

  • A culture filled with an atmosphere of trust amongst the employees that their company truly values the work that they do.

  • A thriving, connected, motivated workforce that is contributing to the company growth.

The Wellness Strategist will put your company and it's employees on a path that goes beyond wellness and into full potential.

(Engaging the four domains of wellbeing)





Strong social connections help people to feel happier and help to build a more successful workforce. The Wellness Strategist helps  make connections and strengthen relationships.  This creates a culture of trustworthiness.



Uniquely increasing financial confidence helps to reduce the stress that 85% of people experience.



Physical wellness affects a persons energy, health, and happiness.  There are 5 different areas of wellness and these areas are tackled that may be hindering productivity and increasing healthcare costs.



Working on emotional health is just as important as physical well being.  From job and life satisfaction to managing stress, The Wellness Strategist addresses individuals with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

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To thrive today, organizations must have a
WellBeing Strategy in place and show a commitment to being trustworthy which will in return foster an environment where people put their best foot forward.

Individuals who don't engage in improving their wellbeing will cost 2x as much as those who do.

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