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RJ Fitness & Nutrition will bring programs and challenges that engage, empower, entertain, and deliver results – all part of a broader strategy to improve your employees experience.

Wellness Workshops

​RJ's educational Lunch-N-Learn Workshops are hands-on and custom created to connect with your employees to instill lasting healthy habits.  Healthy education focusing on lifestyle behavior change is what brings results.


Discussion topics are completely customized and include: Clean Eating, What Is It? 

Breaking The Sugar Habit

Smart Food Choices For Busy Professionals

Healthy Lifestyle Strategies 

And so many more...


**Bundles of seminars and webinars are also available at a discounted rate.**

Group Fitness

RJ Fitness & Nutrition offers a wide variety of fitness classes geared to motivate movement and physical activity to encourage healthy workplaces. The all-level fitness classes are created so anyone can participate regardless of their fitness levels or physical limitations. What's even better is that these classes can even be done online!

RJ's highly trained fitness instructors deliver classes in a welcoming, fun, and safe atmosphere. Class schedules and frequencies are customized to meet needs and interest levels. In addition to a great workout, group fitness classes provide employees a chance to get together, build comradery, and have fun!

Classes Include (but aren’t limited to): Pilates, Yoga, ZUMBA, Dance Fitness, Barre, FitCamp, and Strength/Stretch Classes

Themed Challenges

Don't let the word "CHALLENGE" fool you!  These are fun, interactive, and rewarding for employees.

It’s a great benefit for your employees, providing them with the tools and opportunities to pursue healthier lifestyles in an environment that is motivating, supportive, and fun. At the same time, these challenges benefit your organization through reduced claims costs from a healthier workforce, and employees who are more engaged and productive, able to perform at a higher level of achievement in their daily tasks.  

RJ Fitness & Nutrition is all about implementing workplace challenges to get your people moving in the right direction as it is a Win Win for everyone.  Try it!

Wellness Retreats

A wellness retreat is the ideal solution for a company pushing to create an opportunity for your employees to de-stress and detach from work.  A healthy team is a happy and productive team!  Give your team the gift of wellness.  Employees return to work inspired, revitalized, and re-engaged.


Retreats range from 3 - 7 days, are all inclusive, US and International locations, luxury accommodations, and the option to customize for your company is available.  


Some examples of themed retreats:  Yoga Balance,

De-Tox and Get Fresh, Fitness Fusion, and Executive Restoration just to name a few.  

This corporate wellness program will guide professionals along the road to better health and offer the right tools to maintain it.

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