Let's Get You Going...


Thank you for joining 21 Days 21 Workouts!  I’m looking forward to working out with you over the next 21 Days!! ❤️ It is my goal for you to complete your workouts feeling stronger, accomplished, energized, and motivated to take on your day!  If you remain consistent you will see and feel your RESULTS!




1.  Please request access HERE so that you can begin your workouts TODAY! 🤗 - FB Group - 21 Days 21 Workouts 2020

  • Once you get to the group page please answer the questions and request access.

  • Once approved, jump on in, CLICK on the DISCUSSION tab to see the posts and introduce yourself if you are comfy.  Take a listen to my welcome video and get engaged to make the most of your experience.  We are all there to support one another.

  • Please feel free to comment, post motivating or supportive items.  We love it!

  • If you would like to utilize the meal guide that I have in the group, it is listed in the FILES section of the group.  


The workouts are LIVE at 7am Mon-Fri and will remain in the group for you to complete at your convenience so no worries if you don't make it to the live session at 7am.  While inside the group you will also see information regarding nutrition, extra stretching videos, motivation and great tips to help you along in your fitness journey.  All workouts include modifications


2.  If you would like to take your workouts up a notch, I also include Strength Training (with weights) on Mondays/Wednesdays at 9AM.  You are free to do these workouts as well and they will remain in the group for use anytime just in case you miss the 9am session.

And lastly, your 21 Days begins once you are in the group so don’t worry about any time being cut short...I gotcha covered! 👌🏽


If at any time you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and ask or engage in the group!  I am here for you and want you to have the best experience ever as you are striving to reach a particular goal or simply here to get stronger and maintain your health.


Thanks for joining! See you soon! 

May you Live, Be, and Have the very Best,




Rachelle James CPT

The Wellness Strategist