I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert.   As your Personal Trainer I understand that having a strategy in place is the first step towards your wellness success.  Get excited because as we work together you will discover how Functional, Consistent, Intentional training creates optimal fitness results! I will strategically design highly tailored workouts according to your fitness level and your specific needs.  We will also work together to make sure your program is working and continuously meeting your needs as our collective mission is to help you stay consistent. 

This one of the keys to YOUR results. 


You will shed pounds and inches, improve your strength, boost metabolism, strengthen your core and increase balance & flexibility. Your goals will be accomplished!


During each workout session you will train specific body parts and increase your endurance weekly to create the best version of yourself.  You will build a never quit, never give up attitude! 

You will experience ENERGIZED living!


Learn to uncover the power of food on your health, body, and performance.  Every meal counts and creates change in your biochemistry.


Healthy habits create change for a lifetime.  Mindset is key.  When the mindset pitfalls are addressed, the game changes.


Establish your own unique level of balance at which you choose healthy anywere and feel amazing.  Every individual is different.


I do not promote a one size fits all approach but rather a strategy designed with you that is based on your health, fitness, activity level, food and more.


“Rachelle, thank you so much for pushing me during my weight loss journey.  God putting you in my life, definitely wasn't an accident.  You have encouraged me every step of the way, you always check in to see how my workouts and eating are going and you had the BRILLIANT idea to shift my workouts to the morning!  I don't think I would have ever come to that conclusion on my own.  It hasn't been easy but it is getting easier.  I have more energy and now look forward to workouts more than I ever have with you and on my own. I 'm very proud of myself!" 


You are motivating, fun, knowledgeable and overall create an environment of comfort for us, no matter person’s size or fitness level.  I was 200 lbs when I started your class (I have not shared that with ANYONE) and my doctor told me my blood pressure was starting to run a little borderline high, but nothing weight loss couldn’t do to get it back down.  That was my ah-ha moment to get it together.  You are saving my life – literally…..THANK YOU