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It's about the EXPERIENCE...

If you simply love to dance then there's nothing to it but to do it!  DANSATION  is one of the most energizing, motivating, and fun ways to get your body into gear.  If you love to dance as a beginner or a pro...then you will love DANSATION.   I created this class for people to be ok with making mistakes when learning new dances and for those who are ok with not dancing perfectly but love good music and love to move.  We are a diverse group of all ages and sizes. And YESSSS, We have a blast!



During the 50 min. class you will complete anywhere from 10-13 dances!  Each dance has no more than 3-4 different dance sequences and once we put them all together VOILA!  You've got it!  The music in class is everything.  We dance to  pop, international, hip hop, house, r&b, latin and most anything that has a funky beat.  The moves are simple, easy to learn and we all make mistakes with a smile.   You will leave this class energized,  motivated, and happy that you made the choice to attend.


  • Beginner Friendly - This is truly a Zero-Judgement-Zone and this means no judging yourself either!  Never worry about fitting in or keeping up.  You can even add your own flavor and add a twist to the moves as long as you have a smile on your face you're good. 

  • Super Fun - Smile while you sweat!  You can do this thanks to a fabulous team dedicated to making sure you have an amazing experience!  Dance Fitness is your Me-Time and you deserve to enjoy it!

  • Never Boring - Thanks to the wide genres of music and fresh choreography you are always learning something new and different. R & B, Pop, Latin, Hip Hop, Bhangra, Afro-Beats, and more.  

DANSATION is an AWESOME dance fitness community! 

Come out and join us.