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Take Accountability...
       Take Back Your Power


Take a moment and think back…as a child, how many times had your parents tried to impress upon you that it was more honorable to own up to your actions rather than blame others or make excuses about why it’s someone else’s fault.

From what I can remember there were quite a few times that it wasn't only my parents teaching this lesson but also my grandparents. Thankfully I learned.

Yet at the same time, I understand that holding ourselves responsible can feel risky. Just like it was super risky for me to cross over a 25 foot long and 25 ft high tightrope in the picture above…YIKES!! I did it! And felt empowered afterwards!

Admitting our faults may threaten our self-image and open us up to criticism from others. It may seem safer to focus on external circumstances instead of looking at our own actions.

But the truth is that you could be missing out on more happiness and success by trying to evade responsibility.

Here are a few tidbits about the importance of developing personal accountability.


Benefits of Accountability:

  1. Builds confidence. True self-esteem requires having the courage to take an honest look at yourself. Accept your weaknesses and missteps, as well as your strengths and accomplishments.

  2. You Begin To Make positive changes. Taking responsibility puts you in control of your life. You can learn and grow. You’ll show yourself that you’re capable of adapting to change and handling the consequences of your actions. You can take action to resolve negative circumstances.

  3. You Strengthen your relationships. Earn trust by living up to your commitments. You’ll deepen your connection with family, friends, and coworkers. This impacts all aspects of your life.

  4. You Reduce stress. In the long run, facing the truth usually creates less anxiety than trying to cover it up. Being responsible allows you to enjoy greater peace of mind.


How You Can Take Accountability:

  1. Evaluate your performance. Make it a habit to assess your role in any situation. Your health and wellness being a top priority. While external events do matter, focusing on what you can control is more productive.

  2. Monitor yourself. Pay attention to your behavior even when there are no other witnesses around. Assume equal responsibility for successes and setbacks.

  3. Set realistic goals or hire someone to help you. Do you sometimes excuse your weight gain because you’re trying to juggle too many activities? Respect your limits and shorten your to do list. Allow a coach or someone with expertise in what you’re trying to do help you to accomplish more.

When you assume more accountability, you can automatically have a positive impact on others. What’s even better, you’ll be teaching your children (if you have children) an important life lesson and contributing to a healthier life and not only for yourself.

Accountability is a skill that grows stronger with practice. Take charge of your life by assuming responsibility for your actions.

I hope you enjoyed this short read!  If this is an area where you know that it would benefit you to work with an expert in this area, feel free to set up a FREE 15 min decision making call with me by clicking the link to set up a time to chat -

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