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BodyWerk Bootcamp incorporates exercises that use your own body weight along with a variety of fun cardio activities to bring about amazing results for your trouble zones.  Inspired by music, movement, and connection your trainers will lead you through an intentional 45 min workout in which  you will target the five components of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.  Your heart rate will be elevated (trust us – this is a good thing), and you’ll feel challenged and energized like never before.  All Fitness levels, All Shapes, and Sizes Welcome! 


Expect to be encouraged and motivated in class...

Certified Personal Trainers and Mother/Daughter Duo Rachelle James and Olivia James,  have teamed up and designed a not so typical bootcamp where you will be a part of a fearless group that shares similar goals.  Come prepared to redefine yourself both physically and mentally.  

- You will burn calories and change your body.
- You will be held accountable and meet fun people.
- You will tone your arms and abs, slender your hips and thighs, and lift your butt. 


This is a 4 week program that will bring you results!  And when we say results it not only means you will lose inches but it also means you will have increased confidence and live a more energized life! 


To feel healthy and strong...PRICELESS! 

It's Not Always Easy, But It's Always Worth It. 


"I don't think I've enjoyed exercise so much in my life" J. McDaniel

Here Are The Details:

LOCATION: Clark Montessori High School - 3030 Erie Ave. Hyde Park

WORKOUT DAYS:  Mon-Fri - (All 5 days are not mandatory but to get maximum benefits, 3 days is a good start.  You choose the days that you workout during the week.)


WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING: Exercise Mat, Water Bottle, and your smiling self!

WHAT IS THE INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: $60 First 4 Weeks then $139 Each 4 Week Session After. 

(Cancel at any time)

What Changes You Can Expect

Reduction in body fat and change in body composition

Increased endurance

More energy throughout the day

Increased strength

AND 100% increase in self confidence

If you need accountability, want to meet awesome inspiring people then BodyWerk Bootcamp is where you will thrive!

Start for only $60 your first 4 weeks! 

Click Link Below To Register.


Meet Your Trainers

Rachelle James

Rachelle is owner of RJ Fitness & Nutrition and Co-Owner of BodyWerk Bootcamp.  Teaching and training for over 6 years, RJ is driven by her passion to connect with her clients.  Whether it is a high intensity fitness class or slower Body Fusion workout, Rachelle's classes are always fun and intentional. 

Olivia James

Olivia is Co-Owner of BodyWerk Bootcamp and has been training private clients for the past 2 years.  If you follow her on Instagram you will see that she is driven and understands the importance of offering a killer-support system in addition to teaching her clients how rewarding it is to live a

Healthy BUTT-KICKING Lifestyle!

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