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 Online Health Coaching To Help You


My coaching programs are ideal for busy professionals, moms and driven entrepreneurs who want to gain a better sense of control in their life through personal accountability, a structured nutritional program (no counting calories), and a personal online coach to help keep them remain consistent and on-track.
You Can Work One-on-One with an Online Health Coach & Personal Trainer
To Get Sustainable Results That Last. 

Hi there!  Tell me, does this sound familiar?


In your mission to be everything for everyone, you've had to put your own health and well being on the back burner.

Instead of going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer for yourself, you worked those late hours or took the kids to practice.

Preparing healthy meals has become just about impossible with all of the demands of your career, family and social obligations.

You've tried all the popular diets and trendy exercise programs but inevitably fell off the wagon after that initial burst motivation.

Slowly but surely, this hectic lifestyle has caught up with you. Your weight has gradually crept up, the pandemic absolutely didn't help as you put on the extra 25lbs and today you no longer like the person staring back at you in the mirror.  Hmmm....

When you attempted a fitness program or diet change in the past, you had the right gear, a solid sounding meal plan and robust exercise routine. But after not being able to sustain the weight loss, you were left even more disheartened than before.

I could go on and on but let me stop you right there!

I want you to know that this does NOT have to be your story. You DO have the power to make a change and take control of your life again!

I’ve worked with hundreds of women from all over the country and have seen these patterns many, many times, so allow me to share what I have seen:

There is one crucial ingredient that most people need and lack for meaningful, long term change:  ACCOUNTABILITY



Here's why…

You might be the most honest person in the world, but there is ALWAYS one person you are willing to lie through your teeth to…Yourself.

Hard truth, right?

Of course, you don’t mean to, but how often have you said to yourself (and even believed it) that you were going to make a major change to your diet or lifestyle only to find that you didn’t follow through?

It is consistently sticking to it and repeating those actions which proves impossible time and time again.

At work, you are probably a pro at setting yourself hard targets and delivering on your promises. So why can’t you do the same in your own life?

The answer is that in your personal life, you lack accountability.

At work, your boss, your co-workers and your clients hold you to your commitments.  At home your family and friends hold you to your commitments.

BUT when it comes to your new healthy lifestyle or exercise regimen, you only have yourself to answer to… and it is all too easy to make excuses!

It is not impossible to make headway on your own, but the gains you make will too often be temporary. You can only force yourself to be motivated for so long before your willpower is drained and you fall into old habits.

Over time, accountability for your actions will help you transform those new and difficult tasks into lasting habits that will shape a new you to be proud of.

The key to unlocking the power of accountability is having someone outside of your friends and family who you are accountable to.

NOT your best friend and NOT your favorite co-worker.

You need someone who will support you, but who is not afraid to tell you the hard truths and keep you in line. 

And this is where I come in...

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Happy Clients

"In July 2019 I did the assessment with you, made a goal of jogging a 5k without stopping. Today I finally did it!  Slow and steady progress even throughout the pandemic thanks to you!Lots more progress to come."
P. Dyrenforth

"With me traveling a lot for work it was important for me to find someone with a flexible schedule and online.  I am so happy I found you!  You've kept me accountable and I love your no-nonsense approach.  I'm feeling more in control of my own life now than ever!  Thank you!"

S. McCullough

"I just want to thank you for keeping me motivated and getting my health together.  My A1C numbers have been great and I have been getting my diabetes under control. I am losing weight!  You're the best!  THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!"
P. Beal-Donaldson

"Hi, Rachelle - I love working out with you!  I can see and feel changes in my body and look forward to seeing BIGGER and BETTER changes in the coming months.  Thanks again for all the encouragement and patience in helping me lead a healthier, stronger and more fit life."

C. Guggenheimer 

"Rachelle, thank you so much for pushing me during my weight loss journey.  Got putting you in my life, definitely wasn't an accident.  You have encouraged me every step of the way, you always check in to see how my workouts and eating are going and you had the BRILLIANT idea to shift my workouts to the morning!  I don't think I would ever come to that conclusion on my own.  It hasn't been easy but it is getting easier.  I have more energy and now look forward to workouts more than I ever have with you and on my own.  I'm very proud of myself!"
A. Johnson

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